Eyelash Extensions Montreal

Accentuate your look with fluffy lash extensions that don't harm your natural lashes.

  • Classic

    The classic technique involves applying one extension onto one natural eyelash (1:1). Classic extensions are perfect for a natural, everyday look, helping to enhance natural beauty.

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  • Hybrid

    Hybrid sets are a mix of the techniques of classic and volume lash extensions. 50% volume fans & and 50% classic. Perfect for clients who want to add a little extra fluff and dimension.

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  • Volume

    The volume technique consists of adding multiple extensions in a fan to one natural lash. This creates a more dramatic, full look while adding density to the lash line.

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    Mega Volume

    Get an even darker look with Mega Volume, a technique using the most fans per natural lash, and offering the fullest look.

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Your go-to for lash extensions in Montreal

We pride ourselves on offering the best eyelash extensions in Montreal. Every appointment takes place in our sanitized & spa-like studio, ensuring you can relax while our artists get to work.

Eyelash extensions are meticulously placed for the maximum retention and with care for your natural lashes below. Lash extensions are comfortable to wear and totally customizable to your personal style ✨ 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lash Extensions in Montreal

Do lash extensions damage your real lashes?

When done by a professional, lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes. High-quality products, attention to detail, and avoiding pulling out your extensions are all factors that will ensure your natural eyelashes do not get damaged.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

The specifics depend on your natural lash growth cycle, but it's important to get a refill every 2-3 weeks in order to remove outgrown lashes.

Who should not get lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are great for most people since they are low-effort and safe. If you have especially sensitive skin or eye irritations, it may be a good idea to wait or inquire with a lash artist.

Can you wear mascara with lash extensions?

No, you should avoid mascara and eyeliner. Makeup can weaken the glue, and removing it can also cause your extensions to fall out more easily.

  • Low maintenance, high impact

    Eyelash extensions are a low maintenance option that can give you a high impact look. Who doesn't love a confidence boost? ✨

  • Highly customizable

    Whether you want a barely-there natural look, or full glam lashes: we can craft the exact eyelash extensions that you're looking for.

  • No need for makeup

    Eyelash extensions can allow you to skip the makeup in the morning and head right out with the perfect eye look.

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